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You're probably going to hate me for this

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Why there's no substitute for screen time, no matter how fancy the name of the "system" is that they sold you.

Before I start - I have a confession to make. In December 1969 I went to my first professional football match - Chelsea at home to Manchester City. A "first division" clash at the Stamford Bridge stadium in Fulham Road, London SW6. I went in a mini bus with 6 other mates from school driven by our maths teacher (Mr Lee) who was an ardent Chelsea supporter. I was 11 years old, - I had no real allegiances yet - it was raining and it was cold and we stood on "the terraces" to the side of "The Shed" with all the skinheads and other "interesting" characters. We got very wet and very cold but it was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. Chelsea won 3-1 (David Webb 2 and Ian Hutchinson 1), I became a Chelsea Supporter - we went to the chippy just off Edith Road after the game and then for a kick about in a park off Lillie Road. Almost 50 years later, I am still a passionate CFC supporter, suffered the trials and tribulations and the glory, taken the abuse - and bought my season ticket for my seat in the Mathew Harding Stand (upper) which I've had now for over 20 years. I think there are only a few things that define you in life and one of them is your team, which you choose once and stay with it forever - Chelsea is my team - cut me and I bleed Blue - I've endured the pain - but it's paid off, hasn't it.

This is my first blog entry so I'll keep it quite brief but the really big idea I want to get across up front is "there is no substitute for screen time", and I don't mean ... games.

Just like you cannot be a supporter of a team unless you actually go to a ground and watch them IMHO, ... (controversial) you will not succeed in trading until you've experienced the blurry eyes and aching back and temper tantrums, you get sitting and watching charts - for hours and hours and .... good news .... it pays off .

To be continued .....

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