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the loneliness of the long distance (retail) trader

Insights, Observations & Musings

of an Independent Forex Trader

our mission

The work of a retail trader, whilst highly liberating, endlessly fascinating and obsessively engaging, can be a very lonely pursuit. One of our intentions here therefore is to provide a place of reference (revision, learning or even solace!) for like minded practitioners, be they new to the business or with many years of experience. I have used standard terminology (jargon) which may be alien to new-comers but as this website is intended for everyone interested in this infinitely beguiling business, please feel free to contact me if there's something that is not clear - or even if you think it's just plain "wrong" - I'm interested in all perspectives.

Mark Hodgson is Director of Trading at Bluepowder Consulting Ltd which he established in April 2007, initially as a vehicle for providing advisory services to his "native" IT industry.  He is an independent trader specialising in foreign exchange (ForEx) and offers coaching and mentoring to those who are interested in adding other perspectives to their trading approach or who are starting from scratch and are keen to make the investment in time that it takes to become proficient as a practising retail trader. 

"I had a dream of being in my house with all of my family and friends and people from all over the world who I didn't know and had never even met.  Suddenly, my attention was drawn to the smell of burning.   I walked out into the hallway and was hit by clouds of thick billowing black smoke.  I ran past the stairway that lead to the upper rooms of my house, glancing briefly up the stairs as I made a dash for the front door.  In a desperate panic, I wrenched the front door open and scrambled outside, choking as I collapsed onto the front lawn.  As I lay there gasping with relief, I realised how empty the feeling of being safe was when so many were still inside  .... what was I to do? ... Then I woke up.


Redistributing happiness through the systematic acquisition of financial independence